Flying School Rockhampton & CQ Area

Interested in making a career in aviation?
Flying for the fun of it?
Want to be challenged by a great adventure?
Want to experience flying great planes?
Want to get started?

We have a great discounted offer to get you up in the air. It is called a Trail Introductory Flight. (TIF)

Firstly we teach you the principles of flight, we illustrate those principles by showing you the controls on the aircraft, then you get to sit in the pilot’s seat and go for a flight with our experienced flight instructor. Then when you are back on the ground we talk about the flight and answer any question you may have. All this takes about 1:15hrs and costs only $150.

At Peace Aviation we offer training for:

  • RA AUS Pilot’s certificate
    • A pilot Certificate that enables you to fly for enjoyment and adventure.
  • CASA Flight Crew Licenses
    • Student Pilots Licence is a permit to learn to fly.
    • Private Pilot’s (Aeroplane) Licence, Hire or fly you own aircraft anywhere in Australia.
    • Night VFR (Aeroplane) rating, being proficient with instruments and flying in good weather both during the day and at night.
  • Commercial Pilot (Aeroplane) Licence.
    • Fly an aircraft anywhere in Australia for hire or reward, ( A career flying planes)
  • Endorsements:
    • Retractable undercarriage Endorsement.
    • Manual Propeller Pitch Control Endorsement.
    • Flight Radiotelephone operator’s Licence.
    • Flight Simulator training.
    • Bi-annual Flight Review.

Peace Aviation Flying School has experienced instructors, the highest safety standards, flexible training options, and a good selection of aircraft.